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HaroldRoseHarold & Rose Lampert established Lampert’s Home Therapy in May 2000. Like many small businesses we literally wrote our first mission statement and concept on a napkin while dreaming at our home that fateful day. As therapists with over 30 years combined experience working with children with disabilities (Harold is an Occupational Therapist and Rose is a Physical Therapist) we saw the need for a clinic that was owned and operated by therapists. We have a very strong faith and sincerely believe that the Lord has guided us and entrusted us with this great opportunity to serve others.


Since opening our doors in 2000, we have literally served thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities and provided hundreds of jobs for both therapists and office staff. We have established a strong reputation among parents and professionals in the community as an honest and ethical company with very high standards. We continue to strive to offer the best service to all of our clients, families, therapists, coordinators, and others we engage with during the operation of our business.

In January 2007 we opened our Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Largo, Florida, as an extension of the community based therapy we were already offering. We had a vision of establishing a first-class facility with the latest in therapeutic equipment and treatments for children with developmental disabilities. Harold and Rose Lampert are active in the clinical setting and available to all parents and clients who receive therapy in their clinic.

From the humble beginnings of our home office, we have grown to include over 160 therapists serving hundreds of consumers in west central Florida. We are proud of our achievements and the opportunity we have had to increase the independence of those we serve.

We currently offer Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapy to children with developmental disabilities in our clinic setting as well as in the community. In addition, we have therapists who have been trained and certified in the TheraSuit Method, one of the most innovative new treatments for children with Cerebral Palsy. Read more about this intensive therapy on our website.

Our therapists are experienced in treating a wide range of children & adults with differing abilities and disabilities. They are all professionally licensed therapists and providers who have criminal background checks on file. We employ a team approach to therapy and involve parents, caregivers and others who are in the consumer’s circle of support with the services we provide. We pride ourselves on prompt and personal service from the moment a referral is made through the scheduling and treatment process and beyond. Our administrative staff is readily available to address any inquiry that families, clients, or therapists may have.

As a community service company we would be honored to serve the therapeutic needs of your children and consumers. For more information about our company or to refer a child or consumer for services please contact us.

"We are passionate about serving children with disabilities and demand a very high standard of treatment. We work closely with all of our therapists and employ a team approach to treatment. I feel confident that we can help your child achieve a greater level of independence." - Harold Lampert

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