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At Lampert's Therapy Group Pediatric Clinic, we offer a state of the art facility equipped with everything needed to offer your child the most benefit from their Occupational, Physical, Speech-Language and Feeding therapy sessions. Our therapists specialize in the pediatric population and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with children on a daily basis.


Our spacious gym contains a variety of swings, foam block pit, vibration platform, wall ladder, LiteGait treadmill system, scooter boards, walkers, therapy balls, bolsters, as well as manipulatives and activities to engage your child. We have three Universal Exercise Units ('Cages") which are used for strengthening and motor learning with our traditional physical therapy children as well as the children who participate in our amazing Intensive Physical Therapy TheraSuit Program. This device is also used as a 'spider' by placing the child in a waist harness and attaching elastic cords. Many children are able to experience independent movement for the first time in an upright position while in the spider. It is a great tool for vestibular and proprioceptive input to the sensory system in addition to providing a supported position for your child to perform squats or be positioned quadruped, tall kneeling, or standing.

Along the perimeter of the gym there are several rooms available for Speech-Language therapy sessions. This allows for minimal distraction while your child develops or improves skills such as: expressive and receptive language, articulation, fluency, auditory processing, oral motor stimulation, breath support, and increasing tolerance for acceptance of textures and consistencies for daily oral dietary needs.

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