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I want to take a moment to tell everyone at Lampert's how much I appreciate the wonderful therapist who you have found to work with my daughter. The speech therapist and the physical therapist and assistant are just so wonderful with her. She is doing so well now and is improving everyday. I can't thank them enough for all their hard work. We are blessed to have them. Thank you!!!!

-Judy N., parent of Jocelynn


My three weeks were kind of hard, but I had a very good staff behind me. I would like to thank Mr. Harold and Rose Lampert, the owners of Lampert’s Therapy Group on 118th Avenue North in Largo. I think we can expand the center for more kids to join. During my three weeks we did (Intensive) Suit Therapy to help me walk better (a program the center has which is with a cage and a weight and pulley system). On my last day, I was able to work my legs with 7.5 kg of weight. Also I was able to walk on a treadmill for five to ten minutes per day. Ms. Gina (PT) wanted to do treadmill as frequently as we could. I was able to do side lying alone and back extentions on a ball with assistance. That was my three weeks at Lampert’s Therapy Group - Pediatric Clinic.
Thank you very much,

-Matthew W. (Feb. 2011)


Once again I feel the need to let you know how wonderful your staff is! We had an urgent matter with Helaine and her services and your staff JUMPED through hoops to get paperwork and reports together to send off to APD to try and show Helaine's needs. Melanie and Marty (Client Coordinators) as well as Kathy H (Therapist) really worked hard once again, to get reports and paperwork in order for Helaine. I can not tell you how stressful all this is for us as a family but your ladies are always there to be patient, kind and efficient. I told them they should get a raise just for having to work with ME!
Thanks again to all of you!

-Bernadette B.


Steve has been a blessing to our family and to our 12 year old daughter Christina. Mr. Steve is prompt, attentive, detail oriented, courteous and extremely professional. He goes above and beyond his normal task to make sure the customer understands what is happening, explanation of the goals that are set, progress with the case and making sure that all questions are answered. Mr. Steve should be a valued asset to your company and other potential or existing customers that he serves now.

-Lorna H., parent of Christina


We'd like to thank you for a very positive and rewarding experience. We were cautiously optimistic about putting Jake in Therasuit, considering he was the first Congential Muscular Dystrophy patient to attempt such therapy. The entire staff was very courteous and most importantly, knowledgeable. The facility is top-notch and we were so impressed with the therapists that we enrolled Jake for traditional therapy before we completed Therasuit session.

-Joey B, son Jake


Prior to Devan coming here he used his extension and tone all the time. It was very hard for him to bend his knees while standing flat footed with shoes on. Since completing the 3 weeks of Intensive Therapy at Lampert's he has learned to control his tone even by simply saying "no". This is from all the repetitions and strengthening exercises to his muscles. He is now sitting unassisted for up to five minutes, and able to bend his knees in an upright position with his shoes on. This three weeks has been awesome! It has been a very beneficial experience for my son. All the staff were amazing and the facility was very nice and clean. I am so excited to see what happens our next time here.

-Amanda H, son Devan 3 years old


I had my first experience with suit therapy at Euromed in Mielno, Poland. Starting when I was nine years old, I went twice for 4 week sessions and once for a 6 week session. I had taken only three steps before going to Euromed, and was still “bunny hopping” to get around. I made amazing improvement there, but it was too far away from my home and family. I had just my mother and a close adult or family member with me.

Next, we found out about the NAPA Center in Southern California. I went there three times and made close friends and rapid progress. They taught me how to use crutches. (I wasn’t coordinated enough for crutches in Poland). They also taught me how to go up and down stairs with a handrail.

Then, my grandfather saw an article in the newspaper about a little boy at Lampert’s Pediatric Clinic, who was getting suit therapy. While vacationing in Florida, my family and I checked out the facilities. I decided to try it here, because Mom and I could stay with my grandmother.

When I first came to Lampert’s Pediatric Clinic after hearing about it from my family members, my mind was racing with questions. What will this do for me? How will it improve what I already gained at NAPA? At first, I did not want to attend because Lampert’s was new to me. I thought I was going to be giving up on the strengths that I had already gained. But my balance has improved. When I went home from Lampert’s after the first session, I started walking with my walker more and trying more to work on my balance. I grew agitated because I was trying my best, but my body wouldn’t always cooperate. I grew very depressed because I began to fall more often. I believed more and more that I could not walk. Then, I tried again at Lampert’s and they told me that I can walk with practice and perseverance.

When I came back for my second session at Lampert’s, they told me that all my practice at home had improved my strength. The therapists had to create more difficult exercises to challenge my greater abilities.

The program has helped me with the balance and mental strength I had been lacking. They even helped me with my fear of loud noises. I have made close friends here, too. I feel stronger and more confident after being at Lampert’s.

-Marissa, age 14


We are very pleased with our Discovery Learning Relationship with Lampert’s Therapy Group. It is such a pleasure to work with your high quality staff members and with both of you. Thanks Again!



Jason Drozdyk a twin, born 6/5/04, was almost 4 months early and weighed just over a pound. Jason was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 10 months. We were told that he would probably not be able to do much of anything. I searched the Internet for something to do for him. We learned that there was a lot out there, but we were only interested in things that trained his brain. First on my list was Hyperbaric Oxygen. What it does is wake up sleeping brain cells and boy did Jason have a lot of them. It was amazing the results he got from the HBOT. Now that we woke up these cell we need to work them so next on the list was Conductive Ed, off to Canada we went. Jason learned he can do many things and we learned to treat Jason like a 2 year old and that we could bend him without breaking him. Jason wanted to do what was being asked of him, but his body didn't have the strength to do what his brain was telling it to do. He is very strong when he is mad or happy. He had learned to use his tone. The final thing on my list was Therasuit Therapy and we were very lucky to find one in Largo, Fl at Lampert's Pediatric Therapy Clinic. The owners, Harold and Rose Lampert, are so involved and very much for the children. They were very quick to pick up on Jason's needs and held him like their own. They are very serious about helping the kids and put 100% into the children. The therapists are trained and certified in Suit Therapy and all of them are OT's and PT's - you couldn't ask for a better place than this to help your child. They are very good at what they do. It's so nice to get exactly what you paid for, in this case even more. We went in December for three weeks and noticed how much Jason was bringing himself to midline (which he could barely do before because of lack of strength) and his vision was improving now that he was finding his center. I noticed a big difference in his hamstrings and in the strength in his legs. We were so impressed with all of his gains we signed up for February. Jason has very poor head and trunk control , he can't sit nor can he walk. Our last week, Jason walked in his gait trainer about 20ft at least 5 times. His head and trunk control improved at least 50%. I am sure the 60-80 crunches a day played a part in that . He is pulling himself to midline all the time and his vision has very much improved. He has been reaching out and grasping things, his chewing has also improved and he is definitely more vocal. He is also responding better to us. I will be telling everyone I know about Lampert's Suit Therapy! It is a wonderful place to get great therapy, and the owners are truly for the children. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for my son.

-Kim D.


I feel that Lampert's has given me the support, love and respect that I needed to expand my knowledge as a therapist. They offer a variety of referral cases that I needed to expand a creative quality of care with my other ortho and neuro background.

-Per Arlene C, PhD, PTA
working with agency for 6 years


I wanted to let you know again how much we all appreciate you. I also want the people you work with to know:) It has been even more difficult on Helaine and Mom with staff changes - due to people quitting and now the new PCA and Companion is very ill with a terrible cold. There was not anyone to "sub" for her today. So when you came to do PT and went out of your way to help Helaine and Mom - we all really appreciated it. (I am also happy to hear Helaine was compliant and good for you today as well!) Mom was in tears when she called me cause she was so touched by your kindness.
It is people like you who make it a little bit easier on me as I worry about them being so very far away. You and Kathy and all the people at Lamperts have been wonderful and I appreciate all of you!


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