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clinicOur Clinic is a bright, beautiful, state of the art facility that is staffed with an amazing team of pediatric-oriented therapists and staff. You will feel welcome and comfortable from the first time you enter. We have a comfortable and spacious lobby with a television, fresh coffee, and filtered water available. In addition to the Intensive TheraSuit™ Method, our pediatric clinic offers the following:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech-Language Therapy
    • feeding and swallowing
    • augmentative communication devices
  • Interactive Metronome

Our therapists use a team approach in the treatment of each child. This allows for input and carry over during therapy sessions to promote generalization of skills and increased practice opportunities.

We also incorporate strengthening, weight bearing, proper positioning and alignment, movement, balance, endurance, and motor planning to develop or reinforce the underlying skills needed to make functional gains. Some of the specialized tools the therapist have available include:

  • LiteGait (controlled weight bearing treadmill)
  • Universal Exercise Units (“cages & spiders”) which are used for motor learning, strengthening, supported standing, functional transfers, vestibular and proprioceptive input through the sensory system
  • Knee and elbow immobilizers

In addition, there are a variety of swings, foam block pit, climbing wall, scooter boards and many other manipulatives available to engage your child during therapy sessions. Our therapists use their pediatric knowledge along with these “tools” to address everything from sensory integration challenges to activities of daily living as well as teaching a child to roll over, begin walking, or accept new food textures.

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